Michiya Mihashi (三橋美智也) - 1957

Michiya Mihashi, who is loved by wide variety of fans (including old ladies!)

We (Heibon Magazine) caught up with Michiya Mihashi, who was on tour in Kōchi prefecture, on Shikoku Island. His show was scheduled to start at eleven o’clock. However, since morning, there had already been so many excited people waiting in line in front of the Daigeki Theater (大劇) at which Mihashi-san was supposed to perform. There were little children carrying their lunch boxes in the line, and even old ladies.
We pushed through the throng and made it to the dressing room. We found Mihashi-san lying there. He said, “You bother to come here! Tough job!”, then he woke up. He continued, “When I have time, I try to rest in solitude as much as possible, because I want to perform in my best condition on the stage. Otherwise, I feel sorry for my guests.”

R - reporter
M - Michiya

R: “Anyway, you come to the dressing room this early!”
M: “Many people will crowd in front of the inn, so I usually come earlier in secret.”
R: “You would be swamped by fans asking for your autograph, right?”
M: “Yes, until late in the evening. But, in that case, I go outside and give them my autograph. It must also be tough for those who’ve been waiting for me for long hours.”
R: “Touring around the country seems to be a lot of fun.”
M: “That’s right. I can meet many people in every place I visit. Moreover, it’s fun to meet them again next time I visit there. The only unfortunate thing is that I can’t visit the local places of scenic and historical interest, even when I have free time.”
R: “Is that because your fans are chasing you?”
M: “Yes, it is. I feel really grateful to have them, but on the other hand, I can’t go out anywhere because of them. All I can do is to go back and forth between the inn and the dressing room, and look out the window...”
R: “While you’re away on a long tour, do you think about your wife?”
M: “While I’m touring and performing on the stage, my mind is on my work. So, I just wonder if she is fine...”
R: “Then you make a long-distance call?”
M: “No. I don’t call, because it costs a lot, ha ha. My wife doesn’t try to get in contact with me, either, unless something unusual were to happen.”
R: “Did you have anything interesting happen to you while you were on tour?”
M: “Let me see...there wasn’t anything special. However, in Takamatsu, a boy who looked to be a fifth grader was sitting on a seat in the front row, shouted “Attaboy! Attaboy!” at me repeatedly while I was singing “Souma Bon Uta” (相馬盆歌). It was funny! Also, here in Kōchi, an old lady who seemed to be around sixty, stood up on a seat and clapped her hands! It was really funny!”
R: “What is your most favorite thing to do these days?”
M: “Well, I’m collecting unusual cigarette lighters, but I don't have many, yet...”
R: “Is your skill of 8 mm video camera improving?”
M: “No, no. I just started it recently. I’d like to bring it with me when I’m on tour, but I’ll only be staying in the inn...” he said disappointedly, and started to prepare for the stage. Mihashi-san seemed to be very busy as usual, even on tour.

- from a 1957 Heibon (平凡) magazine with a blue cover


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