Michiya Mihashi (三橋美智也), Kazuo Kitami (北見和夫), Kōichi Mito (水戸光一), Hiroshi Mifune (三船浩), Hiroshi Yoshizawa (吉沢浩), Ichiro Wakahara (若原一郎), and Masaaki Hirao (平尾昌章 / 平尾昌晃) - 1961


King All Stars・Great Chorus of the Century

For the seventh installment of the popular series "Wonderful Group", we got all the singers of King Records together. King is making a big leap forward on the year of its 30th anniversary; this is the special picture from the show "King Sings Superbly", which was held on May 24 at the Nihon Theater.

- from The Myojo Monthly Magazine (明星), No. 8, 1961

I really wish I could've been there...*sigh*, born too late and in the wrong country, as well! Anyway, believe it or not, there's still a few singers I don't recognize, so I'll have to look them up, sometime.


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