Hiroshi Mizuhara (水原弘) - 1959


People who are living today with tomorrow in mind:
"I want to sing songs that will impress many people."
Singer Hiroshi Mizuhara

People may laugh at me if I say that I’m lucky in everything this year, and that it’s possibly because this year is the year of boar, which is my zodiac sign.

When I was in the Hawaiian band, I was singing in my own way. However, it wasn’t enough to be remembered by many people for long. During this year, I’ve learned that I should sing in the way that makes a strong impression on people and sticks in their minds. Well, it’s not really accurate to say ‘during this year’. To be exact, it was when I sang “Black Petals” (黒い花びら), which Ei Rokusuke (永六輔) and Hachidai Nakamura (中村八大) composed for me, that I learned this lesson.

My goal for next year? ...let me see, currently my only goal is to sing songs that will impress as many people as possible. So, I want to devote myself entirely to singing. Something new is constantly required in both jazz and in popular songs. Young people today, including myself, don’t listen to music with their ears and aren’t attracted to beautiful melodies, they feel the difference between songs they like and songs they don’t like in their bones. I want to sing songs like that, songs which are loved by young people intuitively. So, it doesn’t matter whether the song I sing is a jazz song or a popular song, if it meets this condition. There might be an undeveloped music field between jazz and popular songs, which has a very attractive atmosphere. From this point of view, the radio program in which I talk and sing is a lot of fun for me and it’s very helpful for my future.

[About Hiroshi Mizuhara:] He was a member of the Luana Hawaiians (ルアナ ハワイアンズ). In the autumn of 1958, he started the band Blue Socks (ブルーソックス) and debuted during the Rockabilly boom.

He sang “Black Petals” (黒い花びら) in the movie Sprinting Youth (青春を駆けろ) this past June. The song was a huge hit and he’s become one of the top stars.

- from the magazine Soleil (それいゆ) No. 60, December, 1959

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