Karaoke Book Paragraphs

Old karaoke books are a wealth of information. Not only do they have listings, pictures and lyrics for now-obscure singers and songs, but they often had profiles and small paragraphs about all the singers, as well. Entries are in alphabetical order by surname, then by date.

Hiroshi Inoue (井上ひろし)

Kazuo Kitami (北見和夫)

1. "I’m looking forward to seeing handsome singer Kazuo Kitami star in a movie!"

(from page 62 of Myojo’s "Golden All Hit Parade" - 7/1960)

[Kazuo Kitami remarked:] "Being told that I’m handsome is embarrassing. I’m trying to learn a lot about acting because Ichiro Kanbe, who debuted at the same time as me, is already appearing in films. Additionally, I’m going to learn not only about love songs, but also about the songs of historical plays, as well as show tunes."

2. "I’d rather have a hit song, than have romance..."

(from Heibon’s "Your Request 300" - 11/1960)

One of the most handsome popular song singers, Kazuo Kitami, is embarrassed by gossip these days, which is not about his fame, but about his good looks. Just recently, he was embarrassed by the rumor of a romance with a beautiful star songstress (I assume Midori Satsuki, who he was pictured with underneath the paragraph). He’s not interested romance currently, because he very much desires a big hit this year. We, and his legion of fans, look forward to his marvelous smash hit!

Akira Matsushima (松島アキラ)

Hiroshi Mifune (三船浩)

1. "Mifune-san, it’s a very romantic story that you finally got married after being in love for eight long years."

(from page 58 of Myojo’s "Golden All Hit Parade" - 7/1960)

[Hiroshi Mifune remarked:] "I’m a very uncouth man, so it was far from romantic. However, it can be said that I’m tenacious because I was brought up in a snowy region (it's thought that living in a cold place makes people tough and strong-minded). It’s the same with my wife. It would be better for a couple to know the taste of the same pickles and the same miso soup (in other words, he felt it's advantageous for a couple to share the same background)."

So...who did he marry? "Enquiring minds want to know!" (LOL, totally dating myself, there.) It doesn't say, and there's no photo!

Michiya Mihashi (三橋美智也)

1. "You're committed to playing golf again, Mihashi-san. Have you recovered from your foot injury?"

(from page 20 of Myojo's "Golden All Hit Parade" - 7/1960)

"I’ve recovered completely and have started playing golf again. I need do it for exercise, otherwise I'll soon get fat. To keep my masculine charms, playing golf is necessary for me now. I wish I could eventually hit a hole-in-one."

"Masculine charms"...ha ha, Michie, you're so funny!

2. My Memory - Michiya Mihashi

(from page 163 of Myojo's "Golden All Hit Parade" - 7/1960)

"I’ll become thirty years old, this year. Looking back, I think that in my late twenties, I’ve done almost everything I’ve wanted to do. I sometimes wonder, 'is it normal to be so lucky like this?' But, as you know, I went through serious hardships from my late teens to early twenties. I think I had more serious hardships than anybody else. I’m very fortunate that all those hard experiences worked out in my favor. There are many people who have hard experiences but no success. However, I have one thing I’d like to say, and that is, I never lost hope or confidence amid adversity.

When I was working as a boiler operator, I set up the Japanese Folk Music Youth Society (日本民謡青年新志会) and led the members of that society to try to make at least a little step forward. One of those members, Shigematsu Hirano (平野繁松), calls himself Akira Misaki (三崎晃) now. I remind him of those days and encourage him to keep trying harder. I really think I have nothing to regret about my younger days."

3. "How’s Michiya Mihashi doing, lately?"

(from Myojo’s "Diamond Scope of Songs" - 11/1960)

"After spending the summer cooling off in Hokkaido, I appeared at the Tokyo National Theater in September for the first time in a year and a half. This time, I changed my program and performed with (actor) Yatarou Kitakami as the duo ‘Yaji and Kita’ (old Japanese comedy) and sang many folk songs. We’re now in the best season for sports, so I go to the golf course every time I’m free. I got more tanned and my muscles have gotten stronger. I’m also proud of my considerable golf skills. I’ll be sure to win a prize in King’s in-company golf competition, which I haven’t been able to join very often, until now."

Kōichi Miura (三浦洸一)

Hiroshi Mizuhara (水原弘)


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