Kōichi Miura (三浦洸一) - 1957



"Kōichi Miura’s Journey of Songs"

featuring Kōichi Miura and Ruriko Asaoka

Take a look at these popular songs! We produced "Journey of Songs" this month for Kōichi Miura of Victor Records and Ruriko Asaoka of Nikkatsu (movie company). Let's enjoy singing a variety of hit songs, both new and old, on the dreamy stage with popular stars!

Lyrics for "Three Minutes Before Departure" (発車三分前), "People in Tokyo" (東京の人), "A Bar in the Night Fog" (夜霧の酒場), "Birds in Chishima" (千島のちどり), and "Cool Boatman" (粋な船頭さん).

- from The Myojo, No. 2, 1957

Karaoke book pages for the songs mentioned above:

1. "People in Tokyo" (東京の人) - from Heibon's "Bouquet of Songs", No. 4, 1/1957, page 51


2. "Birds in Chishima" (千島のちどり) - from Heibon's "All Popular Songs", 10/1956, page 83



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