Shūji Kanō (叶修二) - 1965

Shuji Kano2(1)

Up-and-Coming Nice Guy

Shuji Kano, whose beautiful eyes enchant the female students.

"Nice Girl"
(1)She gazes at me as if she's seeing something dazzling.
When I look into her eyes, my eyes well up with tears.
She is a sweet girl.
She is so cute that I want to hold her.
I’m crazy about her.
(2)Even when I'm lonely, her innocent smile makes me happy.
She is a sweet girl.
She always fills me full of bright, rosy dreams.

Shuji Kano2(2)

Udon at the student dining hall costs 30 yen.

He can attend school only three days a week, so he studies even during the breaks between classes.

In April, he'll be a sophomore at Daito Bunka University Dai-ichi High School. He loves geometry and eating his bento lunch. He doesn't like English. He discharges his youthful energy while practicing basketball after school. He's a nice guy who can do anything.

Shuji Kano2(3)

◎ He's good at both studying and sports.

He's a regular member of the basketball team. When he was in junior high, he was the captain of the team.

Shuji Kano2(4)

◎ Mischievous Sixteen

His parents run a grocery store. He likes to have a taste of things that are sold in the store!?

Shuji Kano2(5)

He was born on January 1st, 1949. He is 16. He's a student of Minoru Endō, and both of them come from Niigata prefecture. His real name is Shuji Komata (古俣修二). His stage name was coined by Endō-sensei, in hopes that his dreams will come true ("Kanou" sounds like "kanau", which means that something comes true). He's 165 cm tall and weighs 47 kg. His hobbies are tinkering with machines and Rakugo (Japanese comic story telling). He likes curry rice, the color black, plastic models, and cleaning his room. It's been three months since he made a debut. Many senior singers, like Mari Sono, Senya and Ichiya Aozora, and so on, treat him kindly.

- from Myojo's "Charming Pictures of 4 New Stars" (ニュースター 4 チャームグラフ), 5/1965


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