Hiroshi Mifune (三船浩) - 1958


This picture is from the Heibon article "How We Beat the Summer Heat". I guess A/C was super expensive back then, since even the A-listers of that time still had to resort to eating shave ice, taking cold showers, and as shown here, using electric fans. At any rate, whoever wrote this article was totally not cool (so to speak)...he was definitely NOT fat!

"Mifune-style Air Conditioner"

Unmarried men have some difficulties in their daily lives. He is very big, weighing more than 75kg; he sweats as much as a sumo wrestler. So, he came up with a new style of air conditioning. He collected a bunch of electric fans and turned them all on at the highest speed. He looks as if he's saying, "I have no idea what 'hot' is like." He said, "An air conditioner costs more than several hundred thousand yen, so this way is very economical and I’m boasting of it. Shall I send the wind to you? It’s very cool!" --- in his room.

- from Heibon Magazine (平凡), No. 9, 1958


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