Hiroshi Inoue (井上ひろし) - 1961




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"Melancholy Journey of Lake Tōya (洞爺湖)"

I can see clover all around, and they are exuberantly green. I found as many as five four-leafed clovers. Standing on the quiet lakeside, I occasionally hear the lazy mooing.

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Along with Noboribetsu (登別), Lake Tōya is one of the best onsen villages in Hokkaido (北海道). I feel like I’ve cleared my mind in the relaxed atmosphere around here, which is an attribute of Hokkaido. Besides, the milk here is very tasty! An out-of-season ice cream was also especially good.

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I talked with an aged couple who were making craft products at “The House of Ainu Ancestors”, which stands by the lakeside. I was totally attracted to their slow speech and mysterious atmosphere.

Seen from a distance, the lake is really beautiful. I heard the voices of singing children, which were carried by the wind from the elementary school at the bottom of the hill.

It's said that Mt. Shōwa-shinzan (昭和新山) was created by an eruption in 1944. Coming closer to the mountain, the chunky red clod looked as if it were starting to move.

- from Heibon Magazine (平凡), No. 11, 1961


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