Akira Matsushima (松島アキラ) - 1961





Wonderful seventeen-year-old Akira Matsushima (松島アキラ), who has become popular with his song "Sentimental Lake" (湖愁)

"Let’s wash away sad love silently, without crying..." This is part of the lyrics of his debut song, "Sentimental Lake" (湖愁). It’s so sweet, cool and excellent. Soon after this record was released, the number of sales went over 50,000. How popular Akira Matsushima is! He was born in July, 1944, so he is still 17 years old, the age that dreams about the future. He's not quite an adult, but no longer a child, so he is mysterious. That atmosphere might attract us. His nickname is "Spitz", and he's very cute. Seventeen is the age when Yukio Hashi (橋幸夫) debuted. That's one of the reasons he has a reputation as the 'second Hashi'. His father is a tailor and runs a clothing store, and that makes him even more like Hashi. He is a really hopeful boy. I hope he will make many hits and go beyond his seniors.

Photo captions:

1. Housing run by the public corporation in Aoto (青砥) is where he lives. We can hear the sweet melody from the window again today!
2. His innocent smile is attractive. That's his charm.
3. His father is devoted to sewing the costumes for his beloved son.
4. Performing on the stage, traveling...he is busy every day.

- from The Weekly Myojo (週刊明星), No. 50, 12/17/1961


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