Kōichi Miura (三浦洸一) - 1961?



A second look at the wedding plans of cute couple Kōichi Miura (三浦洸一) and Setsuko Nishimura (西村節子). For some reason, I really dropped the ball, here. In addition to failing to write down the info for the other article on this subject, I also failed to do so, for this one! I think this may have come from a Heibon magazine, but I'm not sure.

Page 1:

Setsuko-san (節子さん) came to Tokyo from Hokkaido for the announcement of their marriage. In spite of the rain, they visited Hongan-ji Temple (本願寺), where they're going to have their wedding ceremony. They got out of the car and walked around the temple grounds, sharing an umbrella, with huge smiles on their faces. It was far different from the serious expressions they had when they were praying in front of the Buddha statue, a while ago.

Page 2: Wedding Ceremony at Hongan-ji Temple (本願寺)

Popular singer at Victor Records, Kōichi Miura (三浦洸一), has announced his marriage. His fiancé is Setsuko Nishimura-san (西村節子さん), who is a beautiful, graceful lady from Hakodate. She is really suitable for Miura-san, who is calm and modest. Miura-san is a son from the temple in Miura Misaki (三浦三崎) in Kanagawa Prefecture, so their wedding ceremony is going to be held at Hongan-ji Temple (本願寺) on Dec. 8th. They hope for their newlywed life and said, “We want to make a nice home, and we hope our fans come to our home easily”. They are busy preparing for the ceremony, shopping, and meeting people, but they are enjoying all of it.

Photo captions R to L:

1. At the holy main hall of 本願寺 (Hongan-ji Temple).
2. When they shop at a department store in the Ginza, the two of them naturally visit the floor selling the wedding attire.
3. "Oh, this is the picture of me when I was a baby. I wonder, did I give it to you...?"
"I was given this by your mother in Hokkaido."
"You're terrible!"


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