Fusao Hoshi (星富佐夫)

Fusao Hoshi2

It seems he debuted and recorded a bunch of songs in 1963, then disappeared. I wonder why; was he simply not impressed with showbiz, or did something happen to him? As usual, the electronic oracle (AKA Google) is not forthcoming with an answer, so I'll probably never know. It's a terrible shame that he didn't stick around. Not only was he quite handsome, but he was an excellent singer, as well!


Kōichi Mito (水戸光一) - 1958

Koichi Mito5(1)

Koichi Mito5(2)

- from Heibon's New Song Parade Full Collection, 12/1958

Koichi Mito5(3)

Koichi Mito5(4)

- from Myojo's New Song Fascinating Hits Full Collection, 12/1958

✪ Listen to this song on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUhR11JTqI4 ✪

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